Here’s what I offer in the „RDR service spectrum“ as I call it:

Research: Preparing Design & Concept

  • Qualitative research on market and competition incl. business models
  • Genre analysis & breakdowns
  • Mapping of reference titles; genre or focus on special subjects like UI, core gameplay, systems etc.
  • Audience & press response reports across selected topics (gameplay, accessibility, visuals, audio, technical, social, value); full spectrum or identified areas of improvement

Design: Doing Design & Concept

  • Game design and creative consulting for vision, high and detailed concept stage, balancing concepts, detailed derivation of design context along references; tutorials, manuals
  • Design documentation: complete or partial GDDs, game loops, one-page-design docs, presentations, pitch decks
  • Wide spectrum of tools refining processes for documentation and team collaboration
  • Full UX concepts incl. UI prototyping for PC/console & mobile platforms; low-fi & hi-fi wireframes , 2D/3D sketches for content illustration

Review: Iterating Design & Concept

  • Review through all stages of production, overall player experience or focus topics, e.g. 3Cs, accessibility; written reports, annotated flows and game loops with screenshots, recorded sessions with voice commentary
  • Pre-review/pre-mortem reports; SWOT, areas of improvement
  • Iteration of design documentation along production
  • Strategy guides/walkthroughs for DLC as review „byproduct“

Sounds too technical, too abstract? Contact me, let’s talk and I give you examples.